Touristic routes:

Parscov- Badila village – Buzaului Valley –Ursoaia Hill, Botanu, Ciolanu- Buzau River – Odaile (lake) – limestone cliffs “Salt of Buzau” geological reservation 40 limestone blocks – “Brecia of the salt” superior Jurassic.

The memorial exhibition is found in the village where the poet, playwright, journalist and editor Vasile Voiculescu, outstanding personality of the Romanian literature, was born on October 13, 1884.
This offers the visitors the opportunity to create a suggestive picture of the evolution over time of the writer, his rich and diverse literary, journalistic and editorial activity.
Reconstituted between 1986-1988, after the model of the old house, the new building became a memorial house in 1996.
Subsequently, the collection was enriched with works and objects donated by the family, with reconditioned furniture and completed with pieces specific to the period in which the writer lived here.
There are exposed personal documents – identity cards, patents, civil status documents and documents of studies, thesis of doctor of medicine; family photographs; collection objects (minerals, ceramic and various wooden objects); paintings, drawings, sketches in pencil and ink, watercolors, sacred images painted on glass; furniture (bed, tables, cabinets, pedestal, wall mirror); textiles (carpet, bedspreads, tablecloths); personal objects – the toothbrush and the vest used during detention, glasses, skis; volumes of poetry and prose; gramophone etc.
The exhibits of over 200 in number found in the memorial house, along with other objects and documents found in the deposit of Buzau County Museum, represents an inestimable documentary fund reflecting moments of the life and work of the famous writer, whose name was assigned to the County Library from Buzau.
In his memory, in the house yard, on 13 October 1974, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary from his birth, was unveiled a bronze bust, the work of the sculptor Oscar Han.

The geological and paleontological reservation is located between the villages Parscov and Badila, on Buzaului Valley. The reservation occupies a surface of up to three hectares and consists of 40 blocks of limestone and conglomerates, of various shapes and sizes, belonging to the late Jurassic, Mesozoic and to the Cretaceous. The place was declared a protected area by Law no. 5 of 6 March 2000 (regarding the approval of the National Territory Arrangement Plan – Section III – protected areas).
It is also framed in category IV IUCN (World Union for Nature Conservation) as the protected natural area for the conservation of important natural habitats and species from a geological, palaeontological and floristic point of view. The volumes of the limestone blocks reach up to 400 cubic meters, having a gray-white colour and presenting traces of erosion (horizontal and oblique fissures). Interesting is that in the area of the reservation, in the layers of sedimentary rock were discovered fossils of snails, corals, mollusks, foraminifers, gasteropoda (Nerinea), ammonites (perisphinctes), radiolarians, calpionelas attributed to the Jurassic. The limestone conglomerates have heights between three and eight meters and are located, under the geological aspect, in an area where there is no limestone massif. The marine limestone comes mainly from the deposits of calcium carbonate salts and with intrusions of biogenic and coraligene limestone. These remember of the coverage of the area by the waters of the sea, but also of the tectonic phenomena that compressed the marine deposits and, by heat and pressure, they welded them in the homogeneous mass of the blocks. The phenomena were followed by deformations that have raised the seabed and broke the sub-Carpathian arc of curvature, causing the overflow of the Lake Cislau into a course that has eroded and denuded the limestone blocks. The massifs of limestone form today a splendid, strange and photogenic view, but that you can only visit by complying with a number of rules imposed by the organization that manages the reservation and by the local authorities.
The natural reservation ” The limestone blocks from Bădila” is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency of Buzău.