• magura


    Magura commune is located in the center of Buzău County, in the Curvature Subcarpathians area, on the right side of Buzau River, in the middle sector of it. It includes two localities: the commune residence – Magura village, the belonging village, Ciuta and several hamlets administratively included by the first two.


  • unguriu


    The Unguriu Commune is located on the river Buzau, at a distance of 18 km from the city of Buzau, with access to the national road DN 10 Buzau-Brasov and Buzau track -Nehoiaşu route with two railway stations: Unguriu and Ojasca. The Commune is composed of two villages: Unguriu and Ojeasca.

  • parscov


    Pârscov is the locality of residence of the commune with the same name in Buzău County, located in the Curvature Subcarpathians area, in the valley of Buzău. In the commune are the following villages: Pârscov, Badila, Curcăneşti, Lunca Frumoasă, Oleşeşti, Pârjoleşti, Robeşti, Runcu, Târcov, Tocileni, Trestieni and Valea Purcarului.

  • viperesti


    Vipereşti commune is located in the western part of Buzău county, in the Curvature Subcarpathians, on Buzău River valley, where this river receives the tributaries Rușavățu and Ursoaia. It is crossed by the national highway DN10 that connects Buzău with Brașov. Viperești commune is made up of the villages Muscel,, RușavățTronariUrsoaia and Viperești (residence).